A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made by a team of 3 people as part of a 3 week game development course at Reykjavík University in Iceland.

The game takes place in an underground lab where something terrible has just happened. You come to life, as a hand and a foot. 

You remember horrible experiments an evil scientist has done on you and you want revenge! 

You progress through the laboratory, collecting other body parts and hopefully escaping with what remains of your life.


Experiment804_WindowsBuild.zip 44 MB


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Great game! Loads of fun! Of course I would love to see more! Any future plans for this or new games? 

haha, awesome, thanks for playing, we are just getting started with game development, hope the glitches didnt "bug" you too much ;)

ah haha I see what you did there 


Hope we get more of this. I would pay for it, if that's what it takes

A little bit disturbing but of course lots of fun. And nice puns too. :)


Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed

I did enjoy it. It's a really cool idea.